Subterranean Termite Problem?

Subterranean Termite Problem?

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Subterranean termites require moist environments. To satisfy this need, they usually nest in or near the soil and maintain some connection with the soil through tunnels in wood or through shelter tubes they construct. These shelter tubes are made of soil with bits of wood or plasterboard (drywall). Much of the damage they cause occurs in foundations and structural support wood. Because of the moisture requirements of subterranean termites, they are often found in wood that has wood rot. Power Termite Control can provide termite removal service in Los Angeles, CA.

The western subterranean termite is the most destructive one found in California. Reproductive winged forms of subterranean termites are dark brown to brownish black, with brownish gray wings. On warm, sunny days following fall or sometimes spring rains, swarms of reproductives may be seen. Soldiers are wingless with white bodies and pale yellow heads. Their long, narrow heads have eyes. Workers are slightly smaller than reproductives, wingless, and have shorter head than soldiers; their color is similar to that of soldiers.

Subterranean termites structures cannot be adequately controls by fumigation, heat treatment, freezing, or termite electrocution devices because the reproductives and nymphs are concentrated in nests near or below ground level in structures out of reach of these control methods. The primary methods of controlling these termites are the application of insecticides or baiting programs. Insecticides are applied to the soil either in drenches or by injection. Special hazards are involved with applying insecticides the soil around and under buildings and a licensed professional does these procedures best. Some strategies are pre construction, others are post construction treatments. Soil barrier treatments for the entire structure, or use of new technology products for the entire structure may be done. Foundation perimeter treatments are generally considered very efficacious at keeping subterranean termites out of structures. Local treatments are less efficacious. By law, companies must provide you with the following disclosure. "Local treatment is not intended to be an entire structure treatment method. If infestations of wood destroying pests extend and exist beyond the area(s) of local treatment, they may not be exterminated".

Recently introduced chemicals (imidaloprid and fipronil) are now available that are less toxic to humans and other mammals than the older insecticides (repellent termiticides) but highly toxic to insects. Both of these insecticides are non repellent to termites and have been shown to be effective in killing termites at low dosage under California's climatic conditions. Bora Care, a borate, is also effective and registered, as preconstruction treatment, against subterraneans. Generally, the most effective insecticides are only available to licensed structural pest control operators. Call now for a termite exterminator in Los Angeles, CA.