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All about termites

Termites cause over $ 5 billion damage in U.S. homes each year. One small termite colony of approximately 60,000 termites can eat a linear foot of a common 2"x4" in just 5 months. In some regions of the United States, Formosan subterranean termite colonies typically number in millions and travel over 100 meter distance.

Subterranean termites causes over 90% of termite damage in the U.S. Colonies can contain several thousands to more than a million foragers. Some termites can chew through lead, plaster or mortar to find and eat wood. Almost 4 million U.S. homes are infested by termites each year.

Termites can be found in every state except Alaska. Termite queens live 15 to 25 years and can lay an egg every 15 seconds. There are thousands of termite species but can simply be divided into two types, non-subterranean termites (drywood termites and dampwood termites) and subterranean termites.

Termites are cold blooded and therefore depend on their surrounding environment for warmth. Call now for a termite exterminator in Los Angeles, CA.

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