Wood Repairs

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Termite Infested and Dry Rot Infected Wood

In a house or structure, a particular wood member maybe structurally weakened due to termite infestation and/or dry rot (wood damaged by excessive moisture exposure). And under the eyes of a professional termite inspector, these conditions are usually discernable after a thorough termite inspection of the accessible areas/places of the house/structure, otherwise a good/complete termite or wood destroying organism report would disclose its limitations. As an integral part of a "green" termite control strategy, the extraction, replacement, or reinforcement of infected or infested wood member(s) is a must for a termite control designed to be safe, with minimal impact to humans/mammals/other pets, effective, economical and be accomplished on time.

A good termite inspection company will endeavor to match the replaced and/or reinforced wood member(s) in terms of its type, size and kind/species. Depending on its structural function and/or the requirement of anybody concerned, redwood material that are resistant to termites must be used.

Wood to ground clearance and other building codes are strictly followed. Other wood or structure conditions that may likely lead to termite infestation and/or dry rot infection should be repaired or corrected as well, if not be re-inspected regularly. A homeowner or anybody concerned may therefore consider to have an extended service contract agreement to have peace of mind. This is the termite control service that may be close to a termite insurance policy, but to finally select a termite control company, you may check with the Structural Pest Control Operators of California, or your local Better Business Bureau.

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